Analysing Social Work Communication: Discourse in Practice (Hall et al., 2014)

«(…) research methodologies and methods have advanced considerably. These approaches have a number of advantages over traditional research methods. First, they examine actual interactions in social work settings, not participants’ recollections of social work practice. Second, they are inductive, developing findings from data rather than seeking to confirm preformed hypotheses. Third, they concentrate on detailed and rigorous analysis and can be applied to small as well as larger data sets. Fourth, the display of actual encounters means that practitioners and service users can readily identify with the data examined and engage with the analysis» (Hall et al., 2014: 3).


Analysing Social Work Communication

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Michel G. J. Binet

Professeur Universitaire à l’ISSSL-ULL (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social de Lisboa – Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa) - Chercheur en Travail social - Docteur en Anthropologie - Analyste de Conversation - Consultant - Formateur - Traducteur (portugais-français) - Membre du Conseil du GIS Hybrida-IS, Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique en Travail social

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