Participação do GEACC no 14º Encontro DANASWAC (Copenhagen, 14-17/08/2017)


DANASWAC’s 14th Meeting 

Copenhagen, 14 – 17 Augusto de 2017


Cabe este ano à Isabel de Sousa e à Cristina Coelho o prazer e a responsabilidade de representar o GEACC na 14ª edição do Encontro anual da rede investigativa DANASWAC, que tem lugar em Copenhagen, nos dias 14-17 de Agosto de 2017.


  • Session 1: Exile and integration. (Chair: Carol Van Nijnatten)

Kari Bergset | Parenting in exile: Multivoiced narratives of changing parental practices

Tessa VerhallenTransnational Child Welfare and Protection Arrangements for Refugee Children

  • Session 2: Self-determination. (Chair: Heinz Messmer)

Johanna Ranta, Kirsi Juhila & Suvi RaitakariSelf-determination talk in a low-threshold outpatient clinic for drug users

  • Session 3: Cognitive impairment. (Chair: Åsa Mäkitalo)

Gudrun Dobslaw | Joint sessions attended by people with cognitive impairment, their parents and professional service providers

  • Session 4: Employment oriented social work. (Chair: Suvi Raitakari)

Tanja DallPerformance of role-responsibility in team decision making in social work meetings

Dorte CaswellImplementing labour market perspectives through talk – analysing institutional interaction in meeting talk between street level bureaucrats and hard-to- place unemployed

  • Session 5: Learning and expertise. (Chair: Eva Hjörne)

Åsa Mäkitalo & Nick HopwoodLearning and expertise in home visiting for parents of children at risk

Cristina CoelhoContributions to Social Work Collaborative Research

  • Session 6: Emotions. (Chair: Kirsi Juhila, Åsa Mäkitalo & Heinz Messmer)

Juliet Koprowska & Carol van NijnattenEmotion and Discourse

Ann-Carita Evaldsson & Eva HjörneAccounting for Migrant Children’s School Problems: Negative Affect, Accountability and Remedial Actions in Pupil Health Team Meetings

Eve Mullins & Steve Kirkwood | Groupwork programme for addressing sexual offending behaviour

Tone Jørgensen & Turid MidjoEmotional discourses and management of shame in meetings between child welfare workers and parents in child welfare cases

Pia H. Bülow & Monika WilińskaAlliances in making: Emotions and Micropolitics in multiparty return-to- work meetings

Heinz MessmerDoing Emotion: On the Management of Feelings in Communications about German Child Care Planning Conferences

  • Session 7: Social worker – child communication. (Chair: Stef Slembrouck)

Chris Hall & Michelle LefevreSocial worker – child communication during home visits

  • Session 8: Ethical work. (Chair: Stef Slembrouck)

Sarah Banks, Sirpa Saario, Jenni-Mari Räsänen,
Suvi Raitakari & Kirsi JuhilaSurfacing the ‘ethical’ in multi-party meetings in community mental health

Linnéa ÅbergStandardising and securing quality in integration work / This is important! Negotiating and processing “it is important to know…”, in order to secure the quality in immigrant civic integration interventions

Isabel de SousaThe attention to the Other in the daily practice of social workers

  • Session 9: Reflections DANASWAC and future plans. (Chair: Chris Hall)

Seminar discussion | Societal impact – is research on naturally occurring interactions helpful?

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Michel G. J. Binet

Professeur Universitaire à l’ISSSL-ULL (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social de Lisboa – Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa) - Chercheur en Travail social - Docteur en Anthropologie - Analyste de Conversation - Membre du Conseil du GIS Hybrida-IS, Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique en Travail social

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