Cuidados Paliativos e Serviço Social hospitalar

O GEACC, que tem ao seu crédito a coleta e a análise conversacional etnometodológica do primeiro Corpus de gravações das práticas profissionais no domínio do Serviço Social em meio hospitalar, na área dos Cuidados Paliativos (Corpus ACASS-H-CP-TPinto), tem a oportunidade de prolongar esta linha de investigação, participando no Projeto ETIC, abaixo apresentado.

Projeto ETIC (End-of-Life Trajectories In Care)
Gerindo trajectórias de final de vida em cuidados paliativos
Coord. Alexandre Martins (CICS.NOVA)
Coord. Adj. Michel Binet (GEACClissis)

Financiado pela FCT

Outros Membros da Equipa do Projeto
Bruno Dionísio (CICS.NOVA)
Carlos Alberto da Silva (CICS.NOVA)
Catarina Delaunay Gomes (CICS.NOVA)
David Monteiro (GEACClissis)
Helena Arco (CICS.NOVA)
José Resende (CICS.NOVA)
Oriana Rainho Brás (CICS.NOVA)
Tânia Pinto (GEACClissis)
Tatiana Filipa Silva Mestre (CICS.NOVA)

Resumo | This project aims to set the basis for a deep and consistent sociological research about the work of health professionals in the different types of palliative care (PC) teams existent in Portugal, in order to develop a groundwork model suitable to increase the quality of the intervention of PC teams, namely in what we might call its social dimension. Thus, the objectives of the project are: i) to analyze collaboratively the processes of defining and communalizing medically-defined end-of-life (EoL) trajectories put into place by PC professionals in order to reduce uncertainty and appease disquietude and discord among relevant actors (the patients and their families) in EoL situations in the frame of PC; ii) to identify and systematize collaboratively the main interactional difficulties and challenges which occur in these processes of definition and communalization; iii) to understand if and in what grounds there is significant variation in this kind of processes in different PC contexts, i.e., in different types of PC team; iv) to organize, departing from the knowledge produced in the frame of the objectives i), ii) and iii), a knowledge transfer groundwork model suited to enhance the quality of the interventions of PC teams, namely in what concerns the processes in analysis.

Rede de Parceria do Projeto

O Corpus multimodal do Projeto ETIC é alojado na Plataforma científica Ortolang.

Link | Plataforma Ortolang
Link | Corpus ETIC

Recurso (online)

Base Bibliográfico-Documental « CUIDADOS PALIATIVOS » (ZOTERO)

Poster | Formato PDF

Sessão de Interformação | Uso do MaxQDA

Michel G. J. Binet

Professeur Universitaire à l’ISSSL-ULL (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social de Lisboa – Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa) - Chercheur en Travail social - Docteur en Anthropologie - Analyste de Conversation - Membre du Conseil du GIS Hybrida-IS, Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique en Travail social

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